Why You Need ThumbNail Blaster

ThumbNail Blaster is a cloud-based program designed to help make it easier to create a thumbnail for your video or cover photo for an array of platforms. As a social media marketer, you understand how challenging it can be to design a unique and outstanding thumbnail that will grab your audience’s attention.

However, with ThumbNail Bluster, the whole process is pretty much straightforward. With this program, you will be able to create personalized thumbnails with ease and within no time.

Therefore, if you need a program that will help you get appealing thumbnails and help boost traffic for your content, then ThumbNail Blaster will be best for you. In this article, we shall be discussing why you need ThumbNail Blaster to understand this program better. With that said, let’s get started.

Why Do You Need ThumbNail Blaster?

Why You Need ThumbNail Blaster

The main reason why you need ThumbNail Blaster is to design top-notch and breath-taking thumbnails. With great thumbnails, you will boost traffic for your videos and websites hence boosting your sales significantly. In fact, having a great thumbnail will enhance traffic for your videos by 3 times more.

The best part about using ThumbNail Blaster is that there is no need to install the software. This is because the program is 100% cloud-based. The program has over 100 thumbnail templates to choose from which makes it a heaven for any video marketer out there.

You do not have to possess editing experience to use ThumbNail Blaster. The program features artificial intelligence which makes it operate efficiently without having experience in editing. Moreover, it is fitted with a drag and drop feature, which makes the whole working process simple and relatively easy.

If you do not have designing skills and do not have a significant amount of time to research and come up with a top-notch thumbnail that will boost traffic to your video, then ThumbNail Blaster will be best for you. You can never go wrong when using this thumbnail program.

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Why You Need ThumbNail Blaster

What Are The Main Features Of ThumbNail Blaster?

ThumbNail Blaster has some top-notch features that make it an excellent program for use among video marketers out there. Some of its outstanding features include;

Split test module

This feature allows you to test the thumbnail that converts better. The ThumbNail Blaster split tests your thumbnail, allowing you to see which thumbnail gets better clicks and which one will help you get more views. This makes it easier to choose the best thumbnail for your content.

Background Remover

When an image has a quirky background or green screen effect, you can remove it with ease using the background remover feature in ThumbNail Blaster.

Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis

AI or Artificial Intelligence is fitted in ThumbNail Blaster, and it connects you with your smart computer and comes up with smart recommendations that will help boost traffic for your videos.

Extended License

Once you purchase ThumbNail Blaster, you can use it to offer services to others as well.

VIP Support

When you encounter snags, you can contact ThumbNail Blaster creators and they will help you out.

Vimeo Integration

In addition to making YouTube thumbnails, the ThumbNail Blaster is designed to help create amazing Vimeo thumbnails. This feature allows you to hook it up with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Image Filters

This feature allows you to apply filters to your picture, like changing its brightness and hue. You might as well use it to blur or pixelate your image.

How Does ThumbNail Blaster Work?

ThumbNail Blaster is relatively easy to use and works pretty much straightforward. To use it, you will first have to visit their official website and sign up. Once you create an account and the payment has been verified, you can go ahead and use it to create a top-notch thumbnail for your video.

To use it, you will need to choose one template since there are over 100 templates to choose from. You need to ensure that the template best suits your niche. Once that is done, you will go ahead and click, edit and customize or you might as well let Artificial Intelligence customize it for you. You do not have to install any software, and then the drag and drop feature makes the whole process even much easier.

Go ahead and click Publish and get views. Once you click on publish, ThumbNail Blaster will automatically update your video with the newly designed thumbnail that will guarantee you receive a significant number of views, more exposure, and more visitors. You might also decide to download your thumbnail instead of publishing it. This allows you to use it wherever and however you like.

How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to prices, you are guaranteed to receive affordable rates for this incredible program. The Standard version goes for $97. However, you can receive it for $36.86 when you add the discount. You can also receive these optional purchases;

·Begin with a one-time purchase of $9 and receive approximately 100,000 personalized lament designs.

For a single purchase of $1 and $27 per month, you will receive a Template Club subscription.

With a single purchase of $9, you will receive a guide on how you can rank your thumbnail on the first page of a search engine such as Google within a minute.

The Pro version of the ThumbNail Blaster goes for $127; however, you can get it at a special offer of $46.99. Before going for the Pro version, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Standard version. The following are special offer for single-purchases made for the Pro version;

A single purchase of $57 is for Lingo Blaster. This aids in translating titles along with video descriptions to over 100 languages.


We hope you have found the information you needed, and now you are ready to work with ThumbNail Blaster and design some sleek thumbnails that will enhance traffic to your videos. With this program, you will receive plenty of essential things under a single roof allowing you to create some of the best thumbnails. I hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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Why Do You Need ThumbNail Blaster?

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