Where To Find Affiliate Products To Sell?

Where To Find Affiliate Products To Sell?

This post looks at Where To Find Affiliate Products To Sell?

where to find affiliate products to promote

Where To Find Affiliate Products?

There are many places that you can find affiliate products. Most companies will allow you to sell their products as an affiliate. Just enter the product name followed by affiliate into the search engines and they will give you links to sign up to the affiliate page in there is one available.

affiliate programs

If you want to make money online, the key is to select the right product. This is where niche selection comes in.

The definition of a niche is a follow:

“A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

A quick bit of legal stuff first.

“DISCLAIMER: This post and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and decide to make a product purchase, a small commission will be paid to us.
This helps support our channel and allows us to continue to make awesome posts for you guys.”

What Are The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

There are basically 3 main niches for affiliate marketing if you do not have much experience in marketing. These are as follows:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Let’s look at each of these individually.


This can cover many areas. It can include things like cosmetics, diets, vitamins, supplements, weights loss and exercises to name but a few.


Wealth can be divided further into areas such as Forex, stocks and shares, investing and the most popular which is making money online.


Niches within this category can include how to attract men or women, how to get a partner back and how to improve your relationship.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are networks online that allow you to promote their programs as an affiliate. Let’s have a look at some of the best affiliate marketing networks.



ClickBank is one of the most popular networks available. It has loads of products to promote and is used by thousands of affiliates. It has loads of different niches to choose from. Better yet, it is totally free to join.

Click Here To Sign Up To ClickBank.

There are some tips you might want to know about how to use ClickBank and make your first commissions. Watch the video to find out all about it.

This should get you well on your way to making your first commissions and start your own online business.



WarriorPlus is another popular affiliate program. It mainly concentrates on the make money niche. It is slightly different to ClickBank in that you have to request approval before you get your affiliate link. You also have to say a bit about how you are going to promote the link. The approval process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Click Here To Sign Up To WarriorPlus.

Watch the video below to find out more about WarriorPlus.



JVZoo is a bit of a cross between ClickBank and Warrior Plus. JVZoo concentrates mainly on courses and software. You basically get your affiliate link and start making money online. To see how it differs from the other two programs, watch the video below.

If you want to know what is coming up on JVZoo in the next few days, weeks or months, they have a launch calendar. You can get ideas from this to decide which niche you might want to get involved in.  Just click the link below.

JVZoo Launch Calendar


where to find affiliate products to sell

Join ShareaSale Here.

ShareASale is a bit different from the networks listed above.  They advertise a wider range of smaller products. It is worth having a look and see if there are any niches you are interested in.



Amazon is probably one of the best online companies. If you need anything one of the best places to go is here. Why not take advantage of its popularity? Take advantage of people buying things on Amazon, All you have to do is join their associate program. Then you can make money from anyone buying through your link.

This is a very popular way to make money online. Their commissions are only in the range of 5 – 10%, but if you sell a lot of items you can make loads of money. Some people set up their own store and sell Amazon products.

Join Amazon Associates Here.

Remember to take the advertising of your affiliate links seriously. Do not spam your links. A lot of people don’t make any money with affiliate marketing because they don’t know how to promote their links in the right way.

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