What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

What is the best Clickfunnels alternative? This post looks at a cheaper way of using autoresponders.

What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

Clickfunnels is an auto-responder. Auto-responders are a great way to build your list. The only problem is that you have to pay for an auto-responder.

Auto-responders are a great way to build your online business. The problem is that people who are setting up a business from home might not have the money.

Are There Any Free Auto-Responders?

The good news is that there are. There are a few auto-responders that will give you a month’s free trial. That is great news and it gives you a chance to start making money with your list before you have to pay for the service the following month.

A lot of people who are new to online marketing do not tend to build their list very quickly. Most people never get to build their list to more than 1000 people. These people however still have to pay for the list building software every month.

Are There Any Better Free List Building Auto-Responders?

I have not found an auto-responder that is 100% free for anyone who has a list of over 2000, but if you have a list below 2000 then have a look at this. Not that many people do not have big lists. This is ideal for beginners.

Let’s have a look at what this program can do. I will tell you the name of this program later. This has a full feature plan that is free to anyone with less than 2000 people on their list. It does have paid-for plans if your list goes above 2000 people, but below that number, you can use the free plan.

What Does The Free Auto-Responder Plan Offer You?

Sales Funnels With the free plan you can have 3 different sales funnels. This is ideal to get you started. When I say 3 sales funnels, I mean 3 templates for sales funnels. You can use the templates for more than one project.

You are allowed to send 10 steps in the sales funnel. That is more than enough to convince people to buy your product.

Can you see how “What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?” has some great options? Remember, it is free for life or until you have more than 2000 people on your contact list.


What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

This program allows you to send unlimited Emails to your list. You should join this program for that feature alone. Imagine how many offers you could send out.


What better place to advertise your product than on a blog. This program allows you to run your own blog on its server. There is no need to pay for the hosting. That is a great way to save money if you are just starting out.

Most people will never need to upgrade to paid plan.

What Else Can This Program Do For You?

Do you want to sell affiliate products? This program lets you do that. You can even set up payments for anything you want to sell. You can set up a payment system such as PayPal. The only thing you cannot do on the free plan is to run webinars. You will have to upgrade to the $97 paid plan to do this.

There are some limits on what you can do on the free plan, but there is more than enough that you can do. There is everything you need to be able to run your business.


This program also allows you to send out newsletters. This will allow you to start Email marketing to people on your list. You could start selling them products from different affiliate networks such as ClickBank.

How Do You Sell Affiliate Products?

The reason most people build a list is to sell products. This is very easy to do with this program. All you have to do is create a new funnel. The only difference is that instead of capturing leads, you are now creating a sales page. They have many customizable templates for you to create your own sales funnel.

What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

Here is a summary of what this program offers you.

  • A free auto-responder
  • Emails
  • Your own free blog
  • Newsletters
  • Different types of funnels

That’s a lot for FREE.

What Is This Product Called?


Click here to sign up to system.io

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You can get most of the benefits of an auto-responder for free. So many people are using this to make money online for free. Why don’t you join them? This is the best way to grow your business.

Here is the link again.

Click here to sign up to system.io

Every newbie needs to start using this program. You won’t regret it.

I hope you enjoyed reading What Is The Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

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