Is Affiliate Marketing Dead After 2020?

This post discusses Is Affiliate Marketing Dead After 2020?

Is affiliate marketing dead after 2020?

After the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, is there any point in trying to make money online as an affiliate marketer?

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing After 2020?

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing After 2020?

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The best place to start is Why Do People Start Affiliate Marketing?

Many people start affiliate marketing as a side hustle to make some extra money online to supplement their income. It is more difficult to find high paying jobs. Most people do not have the qualifications to go for a higher-paying job. There are other factors as well such as family commitments, the cost of accommodation, finding a secure job the list goes on.

It is easier to make money online with affiliate marketing. You can fit these sorts of jobs in after you have finished your job or in many cases jobs. Many jobs are only part-time.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing A Great Way To Supplement Yor Income?

The great thing about is that there are no set hours. You can do it when you want, at any time you want ad for as long as you want.

Let’s do a bit of investigating as to Is affiliate marketing dead after 2020?

Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

Can Affiliate marketing make you rich?

When people first get involved with affiliate marketing they see all the success stories of people making thousands, tens of thousands or even more each month.

The problem is that they do not realise that it takes time, effort and dedication to be a successful affiliate marketer. A lot of people who start affiliate marketing think it is easy to make money online.

Many of the people do not even want to pay the small cost of paying for a domain name and web site hosting. It is no wonder they don’t succeed. That was back before the Covid-19 outbreak so is affiliate marketing different in 2021?

Has Affiliate Marketing Changed In 2021?

job losses in 2020

In 2020 loads of people lost their jobs. This lead to thousands of people looking for ways to make money. No-one was hiring. This resulted in many people looking for ways to make money online. The result was thousands of people turned to affiliate marketing. The internet turned into a place with people posting affiliate links with offers to buy things.

The big problem with this is that it has lead to a lot of what are known as “spammers”. They post their links wherever they can find them. It is like graffiti ruining our towns and cities.

There is no excuse for doing this, All you have to do is a YouTube search. Here is an example.

Just put something like How to make money without a website into the search box at the top of the YouTube webpage and loads of videos will come up. There really is no excuse for spamming.

How To Set Up A FREE Web Site In 2021?

How to make a website.

There really is no excuse for not having a web site of your own. I hear you say “I can’t afford to pay for a web site and hosting”.

That is no excuse anymore. You can get your own web site and hosting for free nowadays.

“I don’t know how to set up a web site.” That is no excuse either.

Click here to find out how to get a free web site, hosting and how to set it all up for FREE.

There is no excuse for not having a web site.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Web Site?

advantage of having a web site

The main advantage of having your own web site is that it gives you credibility. People will know you are serious about your business if they know where they can contact. You should always put a contact address somewhere on your site.

If you had a choice between buying something from a person you met in the street and might never see again, or going into a shop and buying the same product, where would you buy from?

For most people it would be a no brainer. They would buy from the shop because they would have somewhere to go back to if there was a problem with the product. It is the same on the internet. A web site is like an online store.

It is a place to contact the owner. If the products are genuine, you should have no problem being able to be contacted.

Can You Advertise Multiple Affiliate Products On One Web Site?

advertise multiple affiliate offers

It is best to try and keep one offer to one post. That way you can go into more depth about the product. You can explain what are the benefits of the product and why people should buy it. The more you can say about the product the better.

If you are trying to sell more than one products, you could have a page listing all the products and link to your other FREE website pages which would give a more in-depth review of the product.

Will YouTube Pay You?

Many people wonder if YouTube pays you and if it is worth doing.

You wouldn’t pay someone to just sit around and do nothing. So why do you think you can do nothing and make money online? The only difference with making money online is that you can set the times you want to work.

Is affiliate marketing dead after 2020? No, but it has changed.

Is There An Easier Way To Make Money Online?

Easy ways to make money online

If you are just starting with affiliate marketing and are unsure where to start, there is an easy way to start making an income online. That is by using pre-designed, or Done-For-You websites.

Click Here To See How Done-For-You Websites Can Make You Money.

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