How To Do Video Marketing?

How to do video Marketing?

This post looks at How To Do Video Marketing. It looks at all aspects of making money online with videos.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a process where promote and market your products by using videos. It is a very effective way of making sales because people these prefer watching videos rather than reading long pages of content.

With content being shared worldwide, the language of the content may not be in their native tongue. Videos are therefore a lot easier to understand.

There are many different aspects of marketing with videos. This post guides you through the different steps.

How Do You Record A Video?

How do you record a video?

The two most common ways to record a video are with video recording instruments that you have at home or in a studio or with a mobile phone.

First we will see how to record videos with a mobile phone.

Record a video with a mobile phone

Recording video with a mobile phone can be as easy or difficult as you want. To make an effective sales video there are a few things you need to consider.

When you are first starting out with video marketing, a majority of people do not have much money to spare. They try to do everything as cheaply as possible. That still involves having some basic equipment.

The first thing you really need to buy is a tripod. Nothing looks more unprofessional than having a shaky camera. You can pick these up second hand for a very cheap price. An even cheaper way is to see if one of your friends has a tripod you can borrow.

Should Your Video Be In Portrait Or Landscape?

portrait or landscape?

The best way to shoot a sales video is in landscape. This is where you hold the phone sideways. It looks a lot better. A portrait view is usually used to “Selfies”.

You know the old saying. “Lights, camera, action”. You, therefore, need to have good lighting. There is nothing worse than a video where you are struggling to see the content of the video because it is too dark or too bright.

How do you get the perfect lighting?

Here is where your video marketing budget can get a bit expensive. Great lighting can be very expensive. So how can you reduce the cost? There is one source of lighting that is totally FREE. I know you like things that are free.

You do however have to be careful with all this light. It is no good sitting with a window behind you. The bright light will overpower your image. Make sure you are not sitting directly in front of a bright light source.

Think about those films where they interrogate people. The interrogator is usually in a dark room standing in front of a bright light so the person cannot see them.

Try and keep away from direct light.

If you can afford it, get some professional lighting.

How Important Is Good Audio?

Audio in video marketing,

Good audio is very important if you are trying to produce a sales video. If people cannot hear what you are saying, they may miss out on important points.

Although good audio is important, remember, you are not producing a hit record. Just remember to cut out background noise. The best way to do this is with an external microphone.

How Make A Sales Video Using Video Recording Equipment At Home?

The best way to make a sales video is with the right equipment. You don’t have to spend large amount of money. You can pick up the basics for a few hundred dollars.

The basics that you will need are a video camera and a microphone.

Here is a short video about how to sell online with Video Marketing.

What To Say On Your Video Marketing Video?

Video Marketing Content

The first thing you need to do is give a short message about who you are. This should be followed by a short statement about what the video is going to be about. Keep it short and to the point. You are not trying to sell at this point.

The next stage is to ask them questions. These should be in the form that they will answer yes to. Here are a few examples.

“Do You Want To Lose Weight?”

“Do You Want To Make Money Online?”

“Is Your Baby Always Crying?”

“Is Your Dog Always Barking?”

You want to target the question to what you are going to be selling.

Next you want to say something about how good it would be if that problem was solved.

happy baby
sleeping dog

You could insert images or video in your content to reinforce the point.

The key here is to get the reader enthusiastic about solving their problem.

When To Make Your Sales Pitch?

sales pitch

Having got the reader to acknowledge they have a problem and how much better it would be if they solved it, you can now start your sales pitch.

If you are trying to sell online, you have to make the readers want what you are selling. The best way of doing this is in the headline of your offer. The headline is like the sugar-coated wrapper of a sweet. You have to make it appealing to the readers. The best way to do this is with keywords.

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Keywords, or key phrases, are the words people type into the search engines when they are looking for answers to problems. Your job is to privide the reader with a solution to the problem.

How Do You Give Solutions To Readers Problems?

solutions to problems

When you are giving solutions to peoples problems, chances are that your product may not be able to solve every part of their problem.

For example, someone might enter “How Do I Lose Weight?”.

The question does not say how much weight they want to lose. Neither does it say how quickly they want to lose it, how they want to lose it, are they male or female, young or old etc.

You have to use a bit of judgemet.

Never claim that your product is perfect, just that is better than the other products on the market. Above all, be honest. If your product does not do something, then tell them. Be honest with the reader. That way you will gain more trust.

You could a series of bullet points.

This product can

  • Help you do xxx
  • Reduce xxx
  • Become more xxx

You can then say what it cannot do.

Compare your product to other products. Explain how your product is better.

Point out any refund policy your product has. People like to know that they can get their money back if they are not happy with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading How to do video marketing?

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