How To Create An Effective Sales Funnel

This post looks at How to create an effective sales funnel.

how to create an effective sales funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a system that people go through on their way to buying a product.

Some people will buy the product the first time they see it. However, many will not.

In most cases, when people leave your product page, you have lost them for good.

That is where sales funnels come.

They are a way of capturing the person’s details.

You can then send more details about the product.

What Are The Steps Involved In A Sales Funnel?

The first step is Traffic.

This is where the person first sees your advert.

This could be something like Facebook, YouTube, or any other source.

At this stage they show some interest in your product or service.

These are called Leads.

The next step is to get the person to click on your advert to learn more about it.

The next step is to get them to sign up to your email list, your website, or fill out an application form.

Only a small percentage of people will do this.

When the person does this they become what is known as a Conversion.

The final part is to get them to purchase your product or service.

I have failed to mention one important area of a sales funnel.

Do you know what that it?

It is the product or service you are trying to sell.

Let’s have a look at that now.

Products Or Services

When it comes to selling products or services, a lot of people get this wrong.

A majority of online marketers go to sites like ClickBank or DigiStore24 and pick a popular product to sell.

The problems with doing this are firstly, everyone is doing this and so their is a lot of competition.

Secondly, you will be competing with a lot of professionals and so the chances of your advert appearing in the search engines such as Google are very slim.


How To Get Traffic To See What You Are Selling?

You may have heard the saying “The Money Is In The List.”

What does this actually mean?

I will give you a quick breakdown of this.

If you have a list of qualified buyers, it is a lot easier to get them to buy your products.

They have already shown an interest in what you are selling.

They have already gone through the process of becoming a qualified lead.

If you don’t have any qualified leads then here is what you need to do.

Go to social media sites and offer them something for free.

This could be something like an EBook of a pdf.

In return for giving them their free gift, they will have to sign up to your list.

You can get forms from auto-responder sites such as Aweber and GetResponse to name two.

It can be hard work getting people to visit your web site and only a small percentage of people will click on your link.

If people don’t click on your link, then you might have lost them forever.

That is why you need to build a list.

This gives you the ability to show them your offer more than one time.

Once a person is on your list, they become Conversions.

How To Make Money From Your Conversions?

Once a person becomes a conversion you have their Email details.

You are now in a position to send them more information about the product you are trying to sell.

You can now send them follow up Emails about the product.

If you are promoting products from places like ClickBank they give you a series of Emails you can use.

Just click on the affiliate page as shown below.

clickBank affiliate page

When you click on the affiliate link it shows you all sorts of resources you can use.

These include professionally written Emails designed to get you sales.

They have done all the hard work for you.

All you have to do is paste them into your Auto-responder.

Are you beginning to see the advantages of having an auto-responder such as Aweber?

These Emails can run for days, weeks or months.

You just have to set them up once and the autoresponder does the rest.

What Else Can An Autoresponder Do For You?

Autoresponders do not limit you to promoting just one product.

You can promote multiple products.

If someone buys your product. you can take them off your list and start promoting a different product to them.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of getting them to sign up again.

Are you beginning to see the advantage of having a sales funnel?

Are You Limited To One Category Per Autoresponder?

The good news is that you can create new sales funnels for different topics with the same autoresponder.

You could have one funnel advertising weight loss products and another advertising make money online products.

Are There Any Other Types Of Sales Funnels?

The good news is “Yes there are”.

One that is very popular is where each time someone buys something, they are put onto a new list advertising something more expensive.

As people get to know you better, they will trust you more.

That is why it is important to promote only high quality products.

You don’t have to sell them products all the time.

Why not offer them something for free such as an Ebook.

You an find Ebooks, videos etc to give away for Free here

Offering free products to your list of buyers will let them know you are not just trying to make money from them.

You have to build trust with your list.

Treat them well and they will trust you and stay on your list.

It is important to try and constantly add new subscribers to your list.

That way you will have more people to promote to.

I hope you enjoyed How to create an effective sales funnel.

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