CloneMe Review – DFY Campaigns

CloneMe Review – DFY Campaigns Looks at whether this program is any good for making money online.

Clone Me Review - DFU Campaigns


Many people get involved with affiliate marketing with dreams of working from home and living the easy life. Getting up when they want. Working when they want. Enjoying a life of luxury.

The truth was very different. I tried following the methods of so-called “Gurus” but it was nothing like I expected. I was hoping to make easy money online. After three months of trying their methods, I was still broke.

The way to make a consistent income with affiliate marketing you need to:

Find a high-converting offer

   Create a thank you page for the campaign

   Write an email series for the campaign

   Setup everything yourself

   Test to see if the campaign converts well and makes money

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer?

successful affiliate marketer

The bad news is that at the start it takes a lot of work!!! It can take more work than a regular job. That is why many people who are new to affiliate marketing turn to the gurus.

Just copying the guru’s methods is not enough. You still have to know how to set everything up. You have to learn about recording videos and making sales pages. Creating a list of people interested in your products. Sending out email sequences to your list of buyers. It just goes on and on. All you want to do is start making money online as soon as possible.

The easier option is to use CloneMe Review – DFY Campaigns

What Is CloneMe?

CloneMe is a collection of forty “Done For You” campaigns that are ready to work for you. All you have to do is simply copy and paste the campaigns. Once you have done this, you will see your PayPal account start to fill up with money.

If you want to see results like this, then CloneMe is the answer.

CloneMe results Proof

Let’s have a look more deeply into the product, starting with the creator.

Brendan Mace – The Creator Of CloneMe.

Brendan Mace the creator of cloneme

Brendan Mace is a well-known expert when it comes to online marketing. He has produced successful products in the “Make Money Online” field including Zero Hour Work Days, 10X Commissions, Copy and Paste Paydays to name a few.

CloneMe Main Features.

CloneMe is very easy to set up. It has its own setup instructions so even a “Newbie” can do it in less than ten minutes.

CloneMe set up instructions

Once it is set up you are ready to start making money. It is a simple as that!

Proven To Convert Bonus Pages.

Cloneme offers proven to convert bonus pages

If you want to stand out from the competition, Brendan has created a series of Proven-To-Convert Bonus Pages. He even does an “Over-The-Shoulder” case study so you can see exactly how you can start making money online with affiliate marketing. Brendan knows it can be difficult new affiliate marketers to make their first online commission.

What does the “Over-The-Shoulder” Case Study Show You?

CloneMe Review - DFY Campaigns

Brendan’s “Over-The-Shoulder” case study will show you:

  • How Brendan Makes Money With The Campaigns You Are Betting
  • He Will Show You How To Make Over $1000, Starting With $0, Within An Hour Of Launching Your First Campaign.
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Campaigns So You Can Start Making Money.

CloneMe Email Swipes

CloneMe email swipes

In order to get more sales. you need to get people to see your offer more than one time. You do this by sending out emails telling them more about the offer. This can be time-consuming and people do not know how to do it sometimes.

To help you out, CloneMe has produced high converting email swipes, written by professionals. These emails are proven to get you sign-ups for your offer.

Do You Have To Buy A Domain And Hosting With CloneMe?

CloneMe everything done for you

The best thing about CloneMe is that everything is done for you. There is no need to buy a domain name. You don’t even have to pay for web hosting. All you have to do is enter a few simple details and CloneMe will do the rest for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

What Is In The CloneMe Members Area?


When you log-in to the CloneMe members are, you will see something that looks like this.

CloneMe members area

What do you do from here? It might all seem a bit scary. To make things easier to get started, there is an instructional video that you should watch first to find your way around. This can be found on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Just click in Training.

CloneMe Review - DFY Campaigns

Create Your First CloneMe Campaign.

In order to create a campaign, first click on campaigns in the left-hand menu and then click on the yellow Create New Campaign below the campaign manager as shown below.

CloneMe create campaign

All you have to do is enter a few simple details and the program does the rest for you. Then all you have to do is click save and publish. It is a simple as that.

CloneMe Review - DFY Campaigns

Are you starting to see the power and simplicity of CloneMe Review – DFY Campaigns?

How To Get Traffic To Your CloneMe Campaign?

Getting FREE TRAFFIC to your page is one of the biggest problems affiliate marketers have. To help solve this traffic problem, CloneMe has its own traffic generator. Here is how to get free traffic to your web page.

CloneMe get free traffic to your webpage

First, click on instant traffic in the left-hand menu bar and then enter the campaign you want to start getting traffic too. A page appears where you can select where you would like to start getting traffic from. You can choose as many as you like. It doesn’t get any easier than this to start getting FREE TRAFFIC.`

How Much Does CloneMe Cost?

CloneMe is a great way to start making money online. The big question is how much does all this cost?

Let us have a quick recap of what you actually get with CloneMe.

  • 40 Done For You Campaigns That Are Proven To Make Money.
  • Easy Set-Up Instructions.
  • Real-World Value Of $5,293
  • Proven To Convert Bonus Pages.
  • Profit Boosting Email Swipes.
  • Free Hosting.
  • Deployment Blueprint.
  • Step By Step Case Study.

Do Not Miss Out Out On This Great Opportunity.

Are you going to miss out on this great opportunity to make money online as an affiliate marketer?

Many of you might be wondering what if I don’t make any money? CloneMe offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CloneMe refund

How much does it actually cost?

It won’t cost you $497

It won’t cost you $197

Not even $97

If you buy now, you can get everything for less $12.95

Don’t forget, you get a full refund if you are not satisfied with this product.

CloneMe Order Now

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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