Aweber Review 2021 – Pros And Cons

Aweber Review 2021 – Pros And Cons looks at whether it is worth investing in this program.

Aweber Review 2021 - pros and cons

What Is Aweber?

Aweber is an email marketing program that allows you to:-

  • Create an email list and capture data i.e. email addresses
  • Automatically send out emails
  • View statistics from your email campaigns

Did you know Aweber is used by over 100,000 businesses for their marketing campaigns?

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Aweber Review 2021Pros And Cons will now look at the pricing structure.

Let’s Look At Aweber Pricing

How much does it cost to use Aweber?

There are two different versions of Aweber.

  • Free Version
  • Pro Version

We will look at both of these versions.

Pro Version

As you can see from the pricing structure below, the cost goes up the more subscribers you have. When you have more than 500 subscribers you are most probably starting to make an income and the price is very small compared to the benefits you are getting from this program.

All the features are available in all plans. You don’t have to wait until you have a certain number of subscribers to use them unlike some other programs. This makes it perfect for anyone.

Free Version

This is perfect if you are new to email marketing and are on a small budget. This is intended for people with a mailing list of below 500 subscribers. You can upgrade once your list grows to more than 500 people.

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Aweber Pricing Plans Comparison

How does the Aweber pricing plan compare to its competitors?

Let us have a look at Aweber’s competition.

  • It is slightly more expensive than GetResponse.
  • Aweber is considerably cheap than ClickFunnels
  • This is a basic email program Mailerlite

This is a very basic comparison with Aweber and only a few programs are listed.

Aweber is the best email marketing program for beginners.

It is reasonably priced and has the main features that other, more expensive programs have.

What Are The Key Features Of Aweber?

  • Aweber has the ability to import mailing lists as well as hosting its own mailing list.
  • It offers a wide range of templates to set up professional looking sign up pages.
  • There is the ability to set up automatic emails.
  • You can get reports on how your email marketing campaigns are doing
  • You can do split testing with different sign up pages
  • There is email, phone and live chat support

Let’s have a quick look at some of these features.

TemplatesThere are a wide range of templates for you to set up your sign up pages. There is a choice of over 700 for you to choose from. Some of the templates are a bit dated but they are more than good enough to get you started.

If you are more experienced you can always play around with the coding of the templates.

Can You Design Your Own Emails?

Aweber gives you the ability to design your own emails. They use responsive designs, which means that they automatically resize themselves for the type of device you are showing them on. e.g. Laptops, phones etc.

You also have the ability to change the size and font you want on your emails.

Does Aweber Have An AutoResponders?

Let’s begin with What Is An Autoresponder?

An Email Autoresponder is a type of email automation in which a message is automatically trigger based on specific requested information.

You just prepare your email sequence once ahead of time and then you can send the messages out automatically when someone does something to trigger the messages. This could be something as simple as signing up. You can set your own schedule as to when they are sent. This could be daily, weekly or whenever you want. You can also set the time of day that people will receive them.

All Aweber users get this facility. You can use it to send out newsletters, offer a course or even a product launch. Aweber also offers FREE training.

There is no maximum length of time emails can be sent. You could write an email today and send it in a years time.

Some people create a series of email messages at the start of an email campaign and schedule them to be sent out every week for a year. This means you don’t have to worry about creating more messages for another year.

Sending out emails with Aweber is a bit limited, but hey, it gets the job done.

If you are looking for something more advanced I would recommend GetResponse.

Does Aweber Have Email Automation?

Email automation is a system where emails are sent out at a specified time on a specified date or time period. For example every day or every week.

Aweber has this system and it is called Aweber Campaigns. It is a bit basic, but it is functional for newbies just getting started.

Does Aweber Allow Split Testing?

Aweber allows you to use split testing on emails by allowing you to use different subject lines in the headings. This way you can see which ones get the best response. Other programs give you more choice but this is more than enough to get started.

In summary, Aweber gives you all the functionality that many other programs use. It does not have all the bells and whistles that more expensive programs have, but chances are you would not use them when you are starting out.

I hope you enjoyed reading Aweber Review 2021 – Pros And Cons.

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